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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center




Camp Croft Kitchen Scene
There's always something cooking on this site ... we have included a table of all updates to the web site since July 1, 2001.  Hopefully, regular visitors can use this section to quickly visit new additions without having to navigate the entire site. Additions will include a link while changes to existing pages may only include a description of what changed.

Date of Update
12/8/2016 Long after Elizabeth Kisner provided photos and details of her father's time at Croft, we now have a page dedicated to Dr W Howard Kisner, Major, USA-MD.  Thanks for your patience and your contribution!


Added photos to the Visitor's Photos for Charles Wahler and James Vernon Landis
4/30/2015 A little bit of cleanup work!
8/18/2014 After an intentional hiatus, we are back and updated the site with a whole page of Camp Croft on Film and Video!  Enjoy this as well as a new souvenir item, a Wooden Photo Album cover, on the Souvenirs page.
2/8/2013 Uploaded a link to a short segment from a 8mm Home Movie of Camp Croft shot in 1941!
12/11/2012 Added the "Infantry Replacement Training Center" Booklet, courtesy of Nicolas Huysmans with the Camp Croft IRTC in Belgium!
11/13/2012 A small addition, but added an article to the Post Exchange page entitled "Refreshment at Camp Croft" which appeared in the Feb 1942 edition of "Red Barrel", a Coca-Cola trade publication.
10/30/2012 Added a page dedicated to the wartime artwork of Henry Gasser
10/2/2012 Added photos from the Bob Pillsburg scrapbook to the Visitor's Photos page
8/15/2012 Camp Croft IRTC in Belgium These European reenactors chose to portray troops in training at the Camp Croft IRTC. Expect to see more from these gentlemen in the near future. Click here to view
5/11/2012 We were stunned to learn, through an eBay listing, that Spiro T Agnew was also at Croft and quickly added him to the "Who's Who at Camp Croft" page along with ball player Hoyt Wilhelm.
06/28/2011 Included a page showing the 2011 Display at the Veterans Appreciation Day event at Bellview Baptist Church in Woodruff, SC
05/16/2011 Added a great publication, the Trainee's Handbook, which was provided by Ray Persing, an ex-Crofter from B-32 (late 1944). Ray's copy was scanned by our friends Ted and Karen Holt.
03/03/2011 Added photos from the Mario Genova family to the Visitor's Photos page, and Group Photos
01/17/2011 Added photos from the Harold "Pat" Murphy family to the Visitor's Photos page
01/04/2011 First addition of 2011!  Added a page full of images from Laura Ellen Abner who was a frequent entertainer at the camp/
12/05/2010 Added photos from the Frank Burwell family to the Visitor's Photos page; updated some Group Photos
05/19/2010 Added several photos to the Visitor's Photos for Philip Christner, Joseph Bessette, and Joe Kudlick
12/16/2009 Added the the "Who's Who at Camp Croft" page
12/04/2009 Been a little while since an update.  We have added several new images to the Group Photo page and just added a link to an excellent web site dedicated to PFC Benjamin Kaplow, an ex-Crofter, which includes almost three years of letter he wrote home while in service.  Good stuff on training!
04/01/2009 Added several photos to the Visitor's Photos for Clair Herman.
11/20/2008 My father's birthday ... and we moved to a new Guest Book after problems with the old one could not be corrected.
09/09/2008 Added several photos to the Visitor's Photos for Frank Hundt (B-39)
08/21/2008 Added photos to the Visitor's Photos and a summary on the Reminiscences page for Frank Kreisel and the Jungle Cats!
08/072008 Added photos to the Visitor's Photos page for William Lee (B-39) and Joseph Nicolella (D-34)
06/26/2008 Added photos to the Visitor's Photos page for Leonard Hancock
02/17/2008 Added some new Souvenirs.
12/17/2007 Added a page (accessible from Neat Stuff) to show some of the Souvenirs that was available at Camp Croft or in the shops in Spartanburg. 
10/11/2007 Added information on Harold Holt (a great page for him as well as an addition to the Reminiscences page).  Also, joined the WWII Web Ring and added a link to the Home page.
10/02/2007 Updated many of the  Croft Sketches
09/21/2007 Added a page regarding the upcoming Camp Croft Panel Discussion Event, planned for Veterans Day, November 11, 2007!!!
08/20/2007 Added Peter Czerepak's comic strip Olly Drab to the neat Stuff page.  Made some other slight improvements and corrections to various pages.
Belatedly added some great photos of Tex Fletcher to the Visitor's Photos section of the site
Added a few images to the Group Photo page, corrected some bad links on the Reminiscences page, put "Targets Up!" a cool comedy sketch on the Neat Stuff page.
Made changes to the People section of the site by creating a new page that includes links to Who's Who at Camp Croft, Reminiscences, and a new page called Croft Sketches.
Added details regarding the 2006 Camp Croft Veterans Reunion
04/01/2006 No foolin' ... added a new section, at the request of visitor and good friend Edward Sidorski, to display photos and brief recollections received from veterans and family members.  The section is called Visitors Photos and can be found on the Photo Gallery page.  Also, started work on a collection of Panoramic Photos.
I brought a new Guest Book online today!  Ed Sidorski has been bugging me for some time (thanks Ed!) which motivated me to abandon some grander plans and settle for this pretty simple but useful book.  I was able to import entries since the beginning of the year from the old guest book.  ENJOY!
Add information regarding the Fall Concert of the Spartanburg Community Band and Jazz Ensemble entitled "When the Soldiers Came to Town". Also improved the Units page with additional pictures and general clean up.
Had to bring the guestbook down while I was changing hosting, but you can follow this link to see an archive of the old one.
Corrected an image error on the main page and added new information to the Laughs Inc. section.
New Years Update!  Added a Cemeteries section to the Neat Stuff pages, updated the Croft Kid's Pages (also under Neat Stuff), added a few new group photos and arranged them in order of unit, new and improved Laughs Inc. section.  Added a 29th ITB History page.
Added a page to allow visitors to purchase When The Soldiers Came to Town directly from the Camp Croft Homepage for $24.95 US including USPS domestic shipping. 
Added a link the Hub City Writers Project web site that contains details regarding the release of When the Soldiers Came to Town.
Added details regarding the 2004 Camp Croft Veterans Reunion and also added to the section on Laughs Inc.
Made some small additions and added a 2004 Camp Croft Veterans Reunion page with information about the November 11th event in Spartanburg, SC.
Oops!  Corrected a really bad error that caused the left hand navigation to not work.  Sorry for the trouble folks!
Added a "Neat Stuff" page that contains all the really cool Camp Croft related stuff that I have but which did not fit any particular section of the site.
Made several minor corrections to information in Maps, Links, and  Site Information pages.
Added information regarding "When the Soldiers Came to Town," a publication devoted to the story of Spartanburg's US military camps.
Added Don Koos' story to the REMINISCENCES section, added a new map from "The Jeep," a publication of the 34th ITB, added a page which details construction and operation of Mutt McCord's Stalag Cooker.
Added a Uniforms page and created a new page for "Weapons and Equipment" in order to navigate between this and the old Weapons page. 
Two new veteran stories added to the REMINISCENCES section (Al Prendergast and Joe Geczi).  Also some hyperlink maintenance and added the "Grunts Web Site Award."
Updated the 2003 Reunion page with photos of the event, including individual photos, museum visit, memorabilia displays, and more!
Created a new Group Photo page, fixed a couple of external links, and added some new images of the Main Gate, Post Exchange, and Other Buildings.

New veteran stories added to the REMINISCENCES section and began to update the 2003 Reunion page with some photos of the event.
Added new veteran stories and a "Who's Who at Camp Croft" page that features notable persons who were stationed at Croft.  Earlier we added bio pages for veterans Ron Croft, "Mutt" McCord, and Joe Katalinas.  Also some new links. Whew!  Is that enough?
New veteran stories added to the REMINISCENCES section and corrected some links that have either changed or are no longer available.
Added unit histories for the 27th, 28th, 31st, and 50th ITBs which can be found in the Units page. These were taken from a publication called "Historical and Pictorial Review" of each unit .  These were "yearbooks" issued to  the training battalion classes in 1942. 
Added a Combat Course page to the Photo Gallery - Training Activities section that contains several photos from the "Fit To Fight" and other combat courses. Also new images were added to the Other Buildings, Post Exchange, and Units (50th ITB) pages. New veteran stories added to the REMINISCENCES section. A great new page added to show some of the work of mural artist Pvt. Philip Plotkin.
Added information and a link to the US Department of Veterans Affairs web site describing the Presidential Memorial Certificate.
Several modifications to the "look and feel" of the site including fonts, headers, and page properties.
Added a Site Search courtesy of PicoSearch, as well as more veteran stories in the REMINISCENCES section.
Added excerpts from a publication called "Spartanburg On The Spot", a Spartanburg city Chamber of Commerce publication.  This only includes the four pages (and cover) that mentions Camp Croft. Also added several new veteran stories in the REMINISCENCES section.
Completed the first release of the REMINISCENCES section which contains summaries of interviews with Camp Croft participants, excerpts from letter or diaries, and recollections handed down to and related by children and grandchildren. More will be added as interviews and research progresses. Added a Guest Book to the Home and Contact pages.
Added two documents to the History page,  Camp Croft's First Year and Review of the Construction of Camp Croft, as Reported. Also completed the Mess Hall section under Camp Buildings.
Added the Lycos "Flag Campaign" icon and link to their United We Stand page. This site has suggestions for how you can show support for the victims of the September 11th attack on America
Added images from a collection called the Photography of Joseph P. Pizzimenti, found in the Photo Gallery
Added images from the Spartanburg Regional Museum of History's Camp Croft 60th Anniversary Exhibit to the Photo Gallery
Updated Related Links section to include the new URL for the Indiana Military Organization.  This used to be a Camp Atterbury link.  The site has been improved and is being updated with new information on almost a daily basis.  Great job, Jim!
Added new publication ... Organization Day, Station Hospital program.