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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center




Honor Flight Upstate is a non-profit, volunteer-based program affiliated with the national Honor Flight Network and serves our veterans of upstate SC and surrounding areas. We show our honor and support to these heroes by offering a program that flies our World War II veterans to Washington, DC to see the memorial built in their honor.
Presidential Memorial Certificate for Deceased Veterans If any deceased members of your family served in the military please travel to this website for information on applying. Future generations of your family will appreciate you making the time to obtain this family heirloom... your only cost is a few moments of your time and the price of a first-class stamp.
Spartanburg County Historical Association The Spartanburg County Historical Association administers the Spartanburg Regional Museum of History.  The museum features Camp Croft and Camp Wadsworth exhibits.

US Army Sites

The official web site of the United States Army

A non profit organization dedicated to the creation of a national service museum for the US Army (the Army is the only branch without one!)
Military History, Museum & Quartermaster Unit Links A list of links related to military history complied by the US Army Military History Institute (MHI).  Lots of links to museum web sites. (Note: New link is maintained by
Fort Jackson, SC The official web site of Fort Jackson, formerly Camp Jackson, an active US Army Training Base in South Carolina.

Soldier's Recollections
World War II Oral History Aaron Elson initially created the site to promote his self published book, "Tanks for the Memories" but the it has grown over the years to include many stories and oral history transcripts. A great, great site!
World War II As We Saw It LINK NO LONGER WORKING: W.W.II Experiences of Captain and Mrs. John Culler. There is a section related to John's assignment to Croft as part of the training staff, 30th Battalion, Co. D. - Link is temporarily down!
 PFC Benjamin Kaplow LINK NO LONGER WORKING: Excellent website with the recollections of PFC Benjamin Kaplow US ARMY, 26th Infantry (Yankee Division) 104th Regiment.  Ben was at Croft for basic training and this site has three years worth of letters and other information from his time in service
The Changjin Journal LINK NO LONGER WORKING: The Changjin Journal is designed to disseminate and solicit information on the Chosin campaign. Comments and brief essays are invited. Subject matter will be limited to history of the Chosin campaign, as well as past or present interpretation of that history. Compiled by ex-Crofter Colonel George A. Rasula, USA-Retired

Photo Collections
American Views, Jack Delano The Library of Congress "American Views" site. This link will take you directly to the beginning of the Jack Delano collection photos of the Croft relocation. Many people, especially sharecropper families, were moved in 1940 to make way for the new camp.
World War II Photos of Camp Croft by Joseph Pizzimenti The Spartanburg County Library featured some of Joe Pizzimenti's photos on their web site and in a display located in the Kennedy Room.

Other Camp Croft Sites
Croft State Natural Area - Carolina Considered The Mobile Studio Travels of the "Carolina Considered Project."  Includes posts from the road while traveling in the Carolina Considered Project's Mobile Studio. Mostly through state and national parks in South Carolina, and the surrounding areas, but sometimes from more distant locations. This link takes you to the Project's visit to Croft State Natural Area in July 2010.
Troop Train .COM

A tribute to the W.W.II Troop Train wreck of July 6, 1944 in Campbell County, Tennessee.  The train was enroute to Camp Croft when the wreck occurred, causing 135 casualties and leaving 36 men dead.

Other Research Sites

The Indiana Military Organization includes information regarding Camp Atterbury.  The camp was a W.W.II Infantry Training Center in Southern Indiana (not an IRTC but a great site!). This page contains also contains links to the Atterbury Army Air Field in Columbus and Freeman Army Air Field in Seymour.
Armed Forces Museum & Archives of the Carolinas is a project to build a state of the art interpretive center located in Mint Hill, N.C. dedicated to honoring, teaching and preserving the history of those that served and the families that supported them.

The American War Library - A great "how to" page about how to obtain military records from the National Personnel Records center.


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The Cars, Tanks, and Airplanes of WWII
A NC student used built site as a resource for a research paper that he did on cars, planes, and tanks of WW2. It has some useful links.

The American W.W.II Orphans Network is an organization of  sons and daughters of Americans killed and missing in World War II.
Nationwide Gravesite Locator
Most of the 120 Department of Veterans Affairs' national cemeteries may be searched for burial locations.
30th Infantry Division Patch
Old Hickory 30th Infantry Division - This Web site is dedicated to the men of the 30th Division, who left their homes and families to fight for our American Ideals of Freedom. The site was created and is maintained by the son of a Camp Croft and 30th Division veteran.
World War II Electronic Army Serial Number File NARA's National Personnel Records Center and Center for Electronic Records collaborated in a project to convert the Army Serial Number microfilm of computer punch cards to electronic form to support the military records reconstruction project.  Select "PEOPLE" and then "Title: World War II Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, 6/1/2002 - 9/30/2002"
American Military Patches of WWII This site includes a key for identification of shoulder sleeve insignia of World War Two.  If you have a patch and are not sure what unit it represents, you can use this site to help with identification.
Military History - Tennessee Technological University
An great collection of military history links from the Department of History, Tennessee Technological University

Miscellaneous "Stuff"
Great South Carolina
A comprehensive directory and guide to most everything in South Carolina
LINK NO LONGER WORKING: Infantry Replacement Training Group - A WWII IRTC Living History group that attempts to recreate an IRTC experience for reenactors and other interested folks.