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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center




Camp Croft on Film and Video

IRTC Certificate
Norman Gautreau Watercolor (40th Battalion)
Laughs Inc.
Croft Kid's Page
Cemeteries within the Camp Croft Reservation
Targets Up! - A Soldiers Short Comedy Sketch
Ollie Drab - by Peter Paul Czerepak
  Souvenirs of Camp Croft

SC ETV Road Trip - Camp Croft

News - Recap of 2007 Panel Discussion

Camp Croft IRTC in Belgium ?!?!


Camp Croft on Film and Video

Have you wanted to see moving images from Croft, or been curious about what media outlets are saying about the former camp?  Follow this link to a collection of online films and videos related to Camp Croft. Our collection includes a professional short film that includes scenes from the camp, two "home movies" from soldiers stations at the camp, and two TV specials.

Camp Croft on Film and Video

IRTC Certificate

IRTC Training Certificate
Are you looking to replace an original Camp Croft certificate of training?  Are you a reenactor trying to complete your impression with reproduction paperwork?  Or do you just want a novel way of showing your interest in Croft?  In any case, here is a great reproduction of just such a certificate from the Brian Mead's
Hardscrabble Farm website.  He has collected a wealth of research for World War II reenactors and generously shares it.  Whether you want to relive a part of your own past or better understand the experiences of the common soldier, this site is worth a visit.

The originals were printed by Band & White Printers in Spartanburg, SC but you can click here to open and print a certificate on your PC that looks just like the real thing.  You must have Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5 to view these.  Go to to get the free viewer.

Norman Gautreau Watercolor Image

Norman Gautreau's "40th Battalion"

Have you ever seen a full color image of Camp Croft?  Norman Gautreau is one of many artists who found themselves stationed at the camp and made time to practice his art. This particular watercolor image is the 40th Battalion area as seen from the area near Dairy Ridge Road. Soldiers in the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Regiments would have seen this view many times on the way back from the rifle range.

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Laughs, Inc.

The story (or at least part of it) of the 7th Special Services show called "Laughs, Inc."  The show traveled through Europe, mostly France, in 1944 and 1945 and was made up of US Army servicemen. Joe Geczi, a Camp Croft trainee and later cadreman, was one of the members. The information on this page was collected from his diary entries and recorded recollections as well as first hand information from another Laughs, Inc. performer, Duane Harvey Hodges.

Click here to learn more about LAUGHS, INC.

Croft Kids Page

The beginning of the Camp Croft Kids Page, as inspired by my daughter Hunter Crawley

and vigorously tested by my daughters and Charlie (you know who you are!)..

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Cemeteries within the Camp Croft Reservation

Another work in progress, a listing of all the cemeteries that were once located within the boundaries of the Camp Croft military reservation.

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Targets Up!

A soldier authored short comedy sketch about working the target butts at the rifle range. By Private Feliz Albert, B-31.

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Ollie Drab

Camp Croft soldier Peter Paul Czerepak worked as a graphic artist at the camp in the sign shop, print shop, and the camp newspaper office.  While at Croft he created a comic strip based on a character called Olly Drab.  In "Olly Draws and Ace" you may notice the familiar "Brass Rail" restaurant represented.  This was a favorite hang out in Spartanburg.

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Souvenirs of Camp Croft

So just what did soldiers or visitors to Camp Croft acquire to remind them of their stay at the Camp? Was it an ash tray, a pack of matches, the ubiquitous T-Shirt, or maybe some Pearl Harbor underwear? 

This page will help you understand that and show you just what "Pearl Harbor underwear" is as well!

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 SC ETV Road Trip - Camp Croft

A link to the YouTube video excerpt of South Carolina's Educational Television "Road Trip" filmed in Spartanburg.  This particular excerpt is the section on Camp Croft, featuring your web master (although forgive his terrible screen presence).

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 Camp Croft IRTC in Belgium

These European reenactors chose to portray troops in training at the Camp Croft IRTC.

Expect to see more from these gentlemen in the near future.

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