Post Exchange
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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

The Post Exchange or "PX" was located near the main gate; one of the photos below once again shows the distinctive water tower. There were six branches of the exchange, one in each regimental area, two sub exchanges, one mobile store, and three food stores
The PX supplied the soldiers with toiletries, magazines, writing materials, tobacco, candy, snacks, ice cream, soft drinks and sandwiches. Soldiers could cash checks and money orders and exchange cash for canteen coupons  used as credit towards the purchase of PX items. The Exchange also operated the tailor shop, barber shops, two ice cream trucks, a horseback riding academy, and auto service station and acted as the agent for laundry and dry cleaning services. As an Army operated organization, the Exchange promised the lowest possible prices on all items and profits were distributed to the funds of the training companies for the benefit of the enlisted men mostly to purchase recreational and athletic equipment.
Click here to read an interesting article entitled "Refreshment at Camp Croft" which appeared in the Feb 1942 edition of "Red Barrel", a Coca-Cola trade publication.  
Main Post Exchange, Camp Croft, S. C.

Mobile Exchange No. 1
PX Booklet
Mobile PX No. 2