"Stalag Cooker"
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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

Howard "Mutt" McCord
Howard W. "Mutt" accord submitted this information on a "Stalag Cooker" which he and other POWs used in German Prisoner of War camps during World War II.  The reproduction of a cooker shown below has been donated to the Spartanburg County Regional Museum of History. You can click here to view the complete unedited text of his personal biography. 

A Stalag Cooker
by Howard "Mutt" McCord

Here is what the Stalag Cooker look like that we used in the German prison camps. The first one I saw was at Stalag IV-B, four British Soldiers was cooking some fried potatoes that they had traded for from a Frenchmen who had been out on a work detail on a farm. ( The frying pan was made from the tins the Red Cross food came in.)

One might ask, “Where did the tools and material come from?” I didn't ask the British Soldiers where they got the materials. I was very glad that some one had the knowledge to think up this idea on how to get more heat out of the small ration of brick coal that we were trading cigarettes to the French for.

Here it is June 2002 and I have been planning to build one since 1945. So at last I have built one for all to see. It consist of a base to mount it on, A wheel to turn the fan. A shoestring for the drive belt. A fan (see picture) you make. A connector from the fan to the fire pot. A metal (Heavy gauge tin can) fire pot. An extra bottom with small holes in it for the air to blow through towards the top of the fire pot. Please see pictures. Remember that No power tools were used.

Stalag Cooker (operator's view)
This is the operator's view.  The crank (large wheel) on the right
was turned to provide the power to the turbine like fan.

Stalag Cooker (rear view)
A view showing the fan blades.  A cook pot or pan would have
been placed over the fire pot on the right of this photo.

Stalag Cooker
A small amount of fuel would go a long way and heat food and beverages in a short amount of time.