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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

Please tell us about your souvenirs or other memorabilia from Camp Croft!


Photo Album Cover

This is an interesting item, apparently purchased at a store called "McLellan's" according to a price sticker on the reverse. It includes stamping that says "Camp Croft, S.C." Click on the image for a larger version with the price sticker.

Submitted by Pat Palmer

25 Bucks

Not much is known about how this 8th ITR "currency" was used.  Please contact us if you have additional information.  Click on the image for a full size version

Submitted by Roger deWardt Lane


Click on the image for a small collection of Camp Croft matchbooks

Officers Mess Chit

Pearl Harbor "Pants Down" Souvenir

Just when you thought you had seen it all ... click on the image for a full size version.  The right leg (looking at the image) is frayed.

Photo Postcard Folder

Ten images of Camp Croft produced at the Jack Rabbit Photo studio in Spartanburg.  Click on the image for a look at the set.

Folding Photo Frame

Click on the image to see the inside of this very nice item.

Ladies Compact

One of our favorites.  Unfortunately the white paint is pretty delicate and has started chipping off.

Window Decal

Jeep - Croft Cartoons ...

A collection of cartoons from "Crofters" Peter Paul Czerepak and Dick Bothwell, published in 1942.  An earlier issue was called "Camp Croft Cartoons"


One of several variations according to images we have seen.  This one sold at auction in 2006 for $300 to a buyer in Japan!

Ash Tray

From the 28th Infantry Training Battalion.  We have seen others from the 30th and 31st Battalions so others no doubt exist as well.


Smoking Empherma

A very heavy item, this iron horse (with a copper saddle that reads "Camp Croft")functions as a pipe holder.


Submitted by Ann Nickeletti

Carolina Scenic Coach Lines

Ticket from Camp Croft to Spartanburg

A Camera Trip Through Camp Croft

A souvenir photo booklet which can be viewed online by clicking here

Child's Overseas Cap

A small khaki and infantry blue piped version a military "Overseas" cap. This item is embellished with "US Army", crossed rifles, and "Camp Croft, SC"


Pool Game Ticket

Football Ticket Stub

From the 1942 game between Camp Croft and Fort Knox. 

Miniature Football

This deflated mini football was likely a souvenir or a "promotional" item used to promote the Camp Croft football team.

First Day Cover

Commemorating the opening of the Croft Post Office on February 27, 1941


Jewelry - Pin and Chain

Click on the image for a larger version

Jewelry - Pin and Chain - 2

Click on the image for a larger version

Jewelry - Bracelet

Click on the image for a larger version

Jewelry - "USA" Pin

We have seen several of these for other WWII camps and forts.

Jewelry - "Charm"

Several of these medallions have shown up but none have been on a chain, ribbon, or other method of wearing as jewelry, so we can only speculate to its intended use as a charm.  Click on the image to see the reverse side.


Jewelry - "Charm"

Another version of the charm above, this one had a chain attached and also a St Christopher's medal on the same chain. Thanks to web visitor Joe Stergar for sharing!

Submitted by Joe Stergar

Jewelry - Scottie Dog Pin

OK, this has got to be the most unusual one yet!  A Scottie Dog pin with attached Camp Croft disc and a second charm/dog with the designation "41", perhaps for the 41st ITB? Well, come to think of it, the Pearl Harbor "Pants Down" item is still the most unusual but this is a close second.

Pillow Case

We have seen dozens of these in various forms (sister, mother, daughter, wife, sweetheart, etc.) and a few with original mailers. They are far from rare but that makes them a nice, inexpensive piece to collect.


License Plate

Apparently only used the first couple of years the camp was open, these are seen on the private vehicles of officers assigned to the camp. Click on the image to see other examples.

Coin Purse

A very functional, zippered leather coin purse with an embossed US Army eagle and gold printed "Souvenir of Camp Croft"

Letter Opener

A nice, heavy lead M1 Garand with fixed bayonet which can be used as a letter opener.  Click on the image to see another image showing the detail of the decal on the butt of the rifle.

Submitted by Mark Zeigler

Mail Bag

A small cotton and leather mail bag imprinted with "Camp Croft" containing several generic post cards showing military life. Click on the image for a better view with contents.