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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

Major Wendell Howard Kisner, MD
provided by daughter Elizabeth A Kisner

Photos from 1942 and 1943



Camp Croft Station Hospital Staff During Field Hospital Demonstration





Field Hospital Demonstration





Hospital Staff During Field Hospital Demonstration



Major Kisner at work in Station Hospital


Station Hospital Dance (Major Kisner center)



Station Hospital Surgeons and Wives




                  Major Orval Jerome Miller                                                        Head Nurse Miss Bridget A. Mullaney, 1st Lt.,

                                                                                                       in US Army service 25 years by 1942!




                        Entrance to Building 770                                      Captain V Frankfurth, Lieutenent G McPhail,

                                                                                                  and Captain Charles W. Barton



Captain Lester H. Shields & Captain Francis J. Phillips                                   Col Denison and Unidentified Officer


Croft Station Hospital Chief Surgeon, Col Walcott Denison and wife Blanch Denison


Station Hospital Mess Hall