Combat Courses
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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

The Combat Courses contained a series of problems soldiers had to negotiate including a village, trenchworks, and an obstacle strewn battlefield complete with mock tank. These courses included the Fit to Fight and Infiltration courses among others.

One of the more unique facilities at Croft was the full scale mock landing ship.  Soldiers were required to descend, with complete pack and weapon, from the deck of the "ship" via a cargo net to a landing craft below.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Gaffigan

Street Fighting on a Croft course
Photo courtesy of Thomas Gaffigan

The "Jap" Village
Photo courtesy of Thomas Gaffigan

Croft training using a mock tank
Photo courtesy of Thomas Gaffigan

Training using a real tank!

Amphibious training in nearby Duncan Park Lake

The Croft Infiltration Course

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