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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

September 9, 2004 to May 11, 2005


edward sidorski (aka shedosky) Wednesday, 5/11/05, 2:47 PM

I was a platoon sgt in A Co. 39th infantry training battalion. I was one of the first cadre from C. Co. 26th infantry 1st division (big red one) I was discharged sometime in July 1941. Had to reenlist when Dec 7th rolled around. The reason that I dissappeared from Camp Croft is because the army found out that I had studied radio and they transferred me to the Signal Corp and sent to Kettle Cape Umnak Alaska, I was discharged for a second time in Oct 1945 (oh! happy day)

From: Jackson Pa


Michael Halik Friday, 4/29/05, 6:22 PM

I was in training at Camp Croft during the months of May, June July and August of 1943. Upon completion of my training I went to the the Repo- Depot outside of Naples, Italy from where I was assigned to Fox Company, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, I was with the 3rd ID until I stepped on a mine during the invasion of Southern France on August 15, 1944. I will have to research my files to see which Training Battalian I was with at Camp Croft. I did send postal cards home from the camp so the address should be on them. If anyone shoud remember me please send me an E- mail. At the time of my training my home was in Clifton, New jersey

From: Sparta, New Jersey


edward sidorski (aka shedosky) Wednesday, 4/27/05, 6:19 AM

I was a platoon sgt in A co. 39th infantry training battalion, and would have had a safe place to be during the war but as a kid I studied radio and some one in the defence dept found that out and in 1942 I was transferred to the Signal Corp and was sent to Alaska Umnak Island as a radar maintenance man.

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Mike Carozza Sunday, 4/24/05, 10:39 AM

I am researching information concerning my Uncle Joe Carozza who was KIA near the Po Valley, Italy Oct. 10th 1944. He trained at Camp Croft sometime between Oct. 15th, 1943 and Feb. 22, 1944. He also trained at Ft. Meade MD. before his unit was sent to Africa in March 1944. I found a letter dated Feb. 17th 1944, stating that he was assigned to Co. D, 30th infantry brigade at Camp Croft. You have done a great job with this site. Any information is appreciated by me and my family.

From: Horseheads, NY


David Pike Thursday, 3/31/05, 7:10 PM

We moved into a undeveloped area of Camp Croft in 1972. I spent many a years running the woods and old buildings. This puts new meaning for this Marine to where I grew up. It is with many thanks that this website is here. David

From: Spartanburg

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Richard Long Tuesday, 3/29/05, 3:56 AM

My Dad, who has passed away was a Sgt and Drill Instructor at Camp Croft and he met my mother in Spartanburg SC. When I was very young I can remember him taking me to where Camp Croft used to be and showing me where he was stationed. His name was Edward M. Long or Edward Merle Long. After he had passed away my uncle, (My moms brother), Joe Stepp told me a stories about my dad at Camp Croft. I have a picture somewhere of my Dad and his unit in a picture taken at Camp Croft I would gladly donate to the musuem if I can find it. Thanks, Richard Long

From: Chesapeake, Virginia


Andrew Jobe Sunday, 3/27/05, 4:42 PM

From: Spartanburg


paul c. vincent Tuesday, 3/22/05, 9:19 AM

How can I obtain information about the 2005 reunion?

From: pennsville, nj


Ilene Jones Cornwell Friday, 3/18/05, 1:21 PM

I'm DELIGHTED to have discovered this CC site! I'm a 7th-generation native of SC--beginning with Col. John Thomas of Revolutionary War fame and originator of the Spartan Militia--and my father was based at Camp Croft before being deployed to the European Theater during WW II. Camp Croft had the historical roots for our Jones family, since John and Jane Black Thomas' homeplace was near Fairforest Creek, in what is now the southeast corner of Croft Park. Can you tell me if a trail has been blazed to the 1904 DAR marker to the Thomas homeplace at that site? I'd like to visit it on April 29-30, when I'm in Spartanburg for my late mother's burial. I'll appreciate hearing from you. Kindest regards from Ilene Jones Cornwell, Nashville, TN.

From: Nashville, TN, cum Spartanburg


John Friday, 3/11/05, 7:31 AM

My Grtandfather just died and I was looking through his war albums and I found out he was in Croft. Its too bad so many WWII vets are dieing off.

From: New York

Robert David Anderson Friday, 3/4/05, 1:16 PM

Thanks for maintaining this wonderful collection of material relted to Camp Croft. My period of training there in the fall and early winter of 1944 was filled with delightful, though sometimes very hard, experiences. Unfortunately, I was never able to maintain contact with the many men in my infantry training platoon after the war. My company commander was Capt. Grey (Gray) and we often sang while on our forced marches "Marching away with Capt. Grey." While standng guard duty during one pitch black night during maneuvers,he and Lt. Schmidt accosted and challenged me (you couldn't see your hand in front of your face) I shouted, "Who goes there? Give the password." Without warning, Lt. Schmidt pulled out his 45 and fired directly into my chest from a few feet away. The blank almost knocked me over,but they apologized profusely. Along with most of the company, we were given a 10-day delay enroute which allowed me to catch the Clinchfield Railroad in Spartanburg and travel to Dante, Virginia to spend a brief period with my dad before reporting to Ft. Meade and then to Staten Island where we boarded ship for Liverpool. Crossed England by train to Weymouth and to Le Havre, France via LCI across the channel. "40 & 8s" took us to Metz which had only recently been captured after a hard battle. I was assigned to Co. L., 377th Infantry Regiment, 95th Division which was then in Saarlautern, Germany. We moved through Bastogne on or about January 17, the day after the Battle of the Bulge was considered over and into Holland to back up the British at the Remagen bridgehead. From there it was fighting through the Rhur Pocket, accross the Rhine River and eventually serving briefly as occupation forces. The 95th was the second division back from the European Theatre garrisoned at Camp Shelby, MI. Training and being re-equipped for the battle of the Japanese homeland (our advance party had already left for Hawaii where we had been assigned a beachhead on the main island)when the fist atom bomb brought hostilities to an end. Later service took me to Ft. Dix and Ft. Monmouth in New Jersey where I worked in separation and reception centers until discharge as Staff Sgt. Altogether, it was a wonderful experience but not one that I would want to relive again at age 79.

From: Waynesboro, VA


Ted Argeson Friday, 3/4/05, 5:37 AM

I was pleased to see Ignazio D'Agati's recent message, and that he resides in Wayne, NJ as I do. I also was in the last training cycle at Camp Croft, SC, that concluded 10 January 1946. I was in Co.D, 38th Battalion, which is where I'm positive Ignazio was also stationed. Subsequently, I shipped out to Germany for occupation duty and was assigned to the 970th Counter Intelligence Corps (C.I.C.). Luckily, President Truman had the courage to drop the two atom bombs on Hiroshima nad Nagasaki to end the war; otherwise, young boys straight out of infantry training, like Ignazio and me, would have been in on the assault on the Japanese mainland. I have no doubt that casualties would have been in the hundreds of thousands.

From: Wayne, NJ


Igna zio J. D'Agati Saturday, 2/26/05, 1:07 PM

I was in Camp Croft from August 1945 through January 1946. Our group of soldiers were the last 17 week infantry wartime infantry training program. I spent 19 weeks in Camp Croft and upon my completion, was sent to Europe in February 1946 with the occupation USA army. I served in the Inspector General Office in Paris during the shutdown of many installations in France in 1946.

From: Wayne, NJ


Don Condrill Monday, 2/14/05, 9:24 PM

I was at Camp Croft from about the end of May 1942 until October 1942. I trained as a heavy machine gunner on the water cooled caliber 30. The 30th Battalion. I then was sent to the Infantry Radio Operators school at Camp Croft where we learned the Morse Code and how to operate the radio equipmemt. The 26th Bn. Upon completion of my training, I was ordered to Camp Davis, NC tp become an Officer Candidate in the Anti Aircraft Artillery, graduating on the 21st of January 1943 and becoming a second lieutenant.

From: originally - Brooklyn, New York


Paul F. Blefari Monday, 2/14/05, 5:08 PM

I took my basic training in 1943 at Camp Croft South Carolina in D company and shipped out from Camp Edwards near Boston, MA. I landed at Liverpool, England and was assigned to the 35th Inf. Division at St.Lo. I was wounded at Nancy, France and at the Battle of The Bulge in Belgium just outside Bastone. I enjoyed my stay at Camp Croft and enjoyed visiting Spartenburg when out on pass. I would like to hear from anyone that was there in September 1943 thru December 1943.

From: Pittsfield, MA


Gavin Hodge Sunday, 2/13/05, 5:39 PM

Going towards Lake Edwin Johnson, past the rifle range is a gate across the road, just past this gate on the left hand and about thirty yards in the woods are some concrete structures that apparently had roofs at one time. The larger of the two concrete building has an oddly cast concrete structure in the floor running the full length of the building and a neatly cut large stone leading into the entrance marked "LEE" What were these buildings used for?

From: Spartanburg


robert neal sr. Friday, 2/4/05, 6:21 PM

I have a camp croft book from 1941,my uncle William Statnik was inducted august 7,1941,did his training there, have his enlisted record and discharge record,plus a card with 12 rules like number 9 rule to allow no one to commit a nuisance or dis-order. Would like to donate where ever they should go.

From: greenville s.c.


robert j reeves Thursday, 2/3/05, 4:21 PM

Company B Training cycle beginning March 1943, server North Africa and Italy....

From: Attleboro, Ma


H W "Mutt" McCord Wednesday, 2/2/05, 1:46 PM

hello Ron, Haven't signed in this year so doing it now. Thanks for a great 2004 reunion. Hoping to see you at the 2005 reunion. Thanks Robin for the great pictures. "Mutt" McCord Ex-Company B, 30th Bn. 9th reg, camp Croft SC. 1942- 1944

From: Decatur, Alabama


robert grubbs Monday, 1/17/05, 11:32 AM

my uncle Jodie Allen , from Griffin Ga. trained at camp croft and I have inherited all if his memorabilia and two uniforms looking for information

From: newnan, ga.

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Steven O'Dell Sunday, 1/16/05, 9:22 AM

My father trained at Camp Croft (A Company, 30th Battalion) sometime between February and October 1944. I have a Camp Croft newspaper "The Spartan" dated 11 April 1944, and a platoon photograph, undated. Would you like a scan or copy of these?

From: St. Joseph, Missouri


Alfonso Nicro Thursday, 1/13/05, 6:45 AM

I trained at Camp Croft in 1944 and from there i joined the 87th infantry div. I was with I co.of the 345th reg.

From: Pennsylvania


Shirley Reece Tuesday, 1/11/05, 6:44 PM

my Father was stationed at campcroft sometimes beween 1943--1945 I lost contact with him years ago I don't even know if he is still living he was from Maryland his name was Douglass J White is there any way if I can find out any information as to when he was there in campcroft. I do know he left by train in July or August 1945 a month or two before I was born. any information you could find for me please e-mail me back thank you, Ms.Shirley white Reece

From: Spartanburg S.C.


James M Shugrue Thursday, 1/6/05, 7:15 AM

just want to be listed in the guest book for now keep up the good work nice to read from othters that hve servered at camp croct in 1945 Feb. 22 or there aboutjim

From: Worcester ma.

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Brian Thursday, 12/30/04, 8:57 AM

Great site!

From: Woodruff, SC

silver Wednesday, 12/29/04, 4:18 PM

hi i was given a card by i believe sgt acosta. i was interested in veterans for a VA clinic, inc. i do not know the web site. i tried entering veterans for a VA clinic, but nothing came up. does anyone know about this?

From: vets for peace

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Jim Hennessey Thursday, 12/9/04, 6:17 PM

Took my basic training at Camp Croft.March 1944,35th IRTC.Sad times but memories that last forever.Served in 87th(Golden Acorn) Inf.Div.-Gen. Patton's 3rd Army-E.T.O.

From: Bayonne New Jersey


Jim Hennessey Thursday, 12/9/04, 6:13 PM

Took my basic training at Camp Croft.March 1944,35th IRTC.Sad times but memories that last forever.Served in 87th(Golden Acorn) Inf.Div.-Gen. Patton's 3rd Army-E.T.O.

From: Bayonne New Jersey


sgt rc acosta Monday, 11/29/04, 5:54 PM

very good sight

From: penscola fl

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Art Kourian Monday, 11/22/04, 7:59 AM

Sorry I missed the Camp Croft Vet Reunion. Although I was 18 when there,9/45 to 12/45, my memories are still clear of my time there and in Spartanburg.From there I went to the ETO and left the Army in 1947. Best regards to all associated with the Vet Reunion and publication of "When the Soldiers Came to Town." Art Kourian 2nd Platoon,A Company

From: Hubbard,OH 44425-2052

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H W "Mutt' McCord Sunday, 11/21/04, 8:12 PM

Hello out there to all you old Ex-camp Croft soldiers. The 2004 reunion was a good one. You guys missed a good reunion. Thanks to all the Ron Crawley family and Robin Zimmerman we had a grand time. Ex-Crofter H W "Mutt" mcCord Company B 30th Bn. 9th reg. 1942-1944

From: Decatur, Alabama


Robert E. White Thursday, 11/4/04, 1:08 PM

I took my infantry basic at Croft in 1944, from April to September. The hottest months of the year. I have many memories, some good and some not so good. After Croft, I joined the 76th Infantry Division, and we saw action in the Bulge, Rhine crossing and across Germany to meet the Russions on the Elbe River.

From: Greenport, NY 11944


DEL GIUDICE Wednesday, 10/20/04, 7:32 AM



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Robert H.Gunter Sr. Monday, 10/18/04, 6:24 AM

My father,Bush H.Gunter Jr. was at Camp Croford.I have no dates.Afterwards was sent overseas with 172nd Infantry Ragiment,43rd Infantry Division.He My dad passed away Nov. 11 1989,on Vetrens Day.We were all very proud of him.He won two Silver Stars on 14th and 18th of January 1945 on Hill 580,Luzon Philippine Islands. He was a Medic attached to a infantry unit. I know he went to Camp Croft.I have one scarf with remember me on it Camp croft S.C. Afterwards he went to FT. McCLELLAN,ALA(CO.B-14Bn March 1943 !st LT.F.H.Spears Jr. commanding Officer.

From: Pensacola Florida


rc acosta Sunday, 10/17/04, 4:04 PM

very good sight

From: fl

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Don Karr Saturday, 10/16/04, 12:47 PM

Friend of Duane Harvey Hodges.

From: Champaign, IL


Bill Saturday, 10/9/04, 7:18 PM

I failed to mention in my previous post, this man was a Medic, and held the rank of Sergeant

From: Barnes


  Saturday, 10/9/04, 7:14 PM

I recently purchased a complete uniform from a soldier in the 4th Service Command. I am hoping to identify this man. The only information I have so far is... "Krick, 14" written in ink on the inside of the shirt and tunic. There is a first initial before the name that I cannot make out. Also there is "W1220" written in ink, which may be part of his serial number? If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction to research this please feel free to e-mail me. Thank You, Bill

From: Croydon, PA


Charles Glover Wednesday, 9/29/04, 3:43 AM

Very nice site. We are trying to find out information about our uncle. He was at Camp Croft 11/42 until 4/43 from there he went to Camp Edwards, Mass. He was with the CoI 143rd Infantry Reg. 36th Division. He was killed at the battle of San Pietro in Italy 12/18/43 I have a picture of his group on the back it says 2 battalion. His name was Ernest Glover from Gloversville,NY

From: New Britain, Ct.


FRANK J KREISEL Tuesday, 9/28/04, 9:58 AM

this 18 year old, who never traveled more than 20 miles from home, was inducted in the army and put on a train. no idea where we were going, just told to pull down the shades on the train and wait. the rumors on the train were wild. we were going to the air force, the mp's, etc. in the middle of the night in 1943, the train stopped, i raised the shade and there in front of me is a billboard reading,"welcome to camp croft infantry replacement training center" that was the last sign we wanted to see. then came basic, more training at fort meade, then camp shanks, and then a 38 day boat ride from brooklyn to new caledonia. then the solomons, phillippines, and finally japan. quite an experience for a young green kid from new jersey.....



Jean Dyke Kinney Saturday, 9/25/04, 12:23 PM

Seeking info on any one who was in Basic Training March 1944 with Harry W. Dyke . He was from Penn Yan NY. I am his daughter. His widow is now 83 and lives with me in Ga. any info appreciated.

From: Georgia


Royce Knight Wednesday, 9/15/04, 7:51 PM

What a great site. I can remember going with my Dad to Camp Croft when I was a Kid. He was route salesman for Garners Potato Chip Co. later to become Lays Potato Chip Co. He serviced the Oficers club the NCO club and the PXs . brings back eat memories of GIs training , quite a sight for a teenage boy

From: Greenville


charles e, gibson Tuesday, 9/7/04, 5:36 PM

i was inducted into the army at camp croft in 1942 and served in several units until i served overseas in the 104th inf, div. then after returning to the states i was with co. b 30th batallion at camp croft until croft was closed and i was sent to ft. wright ny until i was discharged in 1946.

From: winston-salem nc

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Barbara Wyld Tuesday, 9/7/04, 1:26 PM

My grandfather, Harold Wyld, was stationed at Camp Croft anywhere between 1941-1943. I was looking at the photo gallery to see if I could spot him, but I when I zoomed in, it was too pixelated. Cool site though. Thanks.

From: Lindenwold, NJ


Ray Merriam Sunday, 9/5/04, 3:23 PM

I am the publisher of Thomas Street's memoir "How to Survive Combat as Point Man if You're Lucky... and Lose Freinds if They're Not", which you kindly include a mention of on your web site and a link to the page on my web site which gives a brief excerpt from his book. I will put a link to your web site on the pages for Tom's book. Thanks for helping support a very small publisher (one-man home-based operation since 1968).

From: Bennington, VT


James Dodge Sunday, 9/5/04, 8:45 AM

I remember our Sargent's name was Estervick, and was in Company E. I hope I spelled his name correctly. Anybody else remember this? I was 19 at the time. Just celebrated 80 years. The year was May, 1943.

From: Springfield, Illinois


Whitney P. Mullen Wednesday, 9/1/04, 4:18 PM

I took Infantry basic training at Croft in the 35th IRTB. Began late July to early December 1944. Shipped overseas early January 1945 and served in the 15th Infantry Regiment of the Third Infantry Division from late January to mid-December of 1945. I was discharged in mid-February of 1946 at Ft. Dix NJ.

From: Burlington NC