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American Revolutionary War Topics

The Cavalry at Cowpens: Thinking Inside the Box by D. Murphy

Shock and Awe: Mounted Combat in the American Revolution by Dan Murphy

A Biography of Captain William Parsons (submitted by Ron Crawley)

Exploits of Colonel James McCall's (SC) State Dragoons by Ron Crawley

A Biographical Sketch of Major James Dunlop, Queen's Rangers by Ron Crawley

Last Will and Testament of James McCall (1770) (submitted by Ron McCall)

James McCall Sr. and Family (compiled by Ron Crawley)

Impression and Equipment Guidelines - for McCall's State Dragoons (submitted by D. Murphy)

Manual Exercise, and Evolutions of the Cavalry by Baron Von Steuben (submitted by Ron Vido)

The Light Dragoon Button (compiled by Ron Crawley)

Daniel Morgan by Hunter Crawley

July 2009 Kiwana's Meeting - an excerpt with an article about Harrelson/Murphy presentation

Major Marbot - an excerpt from his memoirs (submitted by Dan Murphy)

To Nourish The Troops  - The Mess, Camp Equipage, Kitchens and Provisions of the Common British Soldier During the American War for Independence (external link)

After Action Reports (Living History & Reenactments)

2022 Camden/ Eutaw Springs scenarios by Ed Harrleson

2022 Blackstock's Plantation/ Cross Keys by Ron Crawley

2022 Brattonsville by Ed Harrelson

2021 Camden by Jesse Tarver

2021 Brattonsville by Ed Harrelson

2019 Lake City by Ed Harrelson

2018 Nov Camden AAR by Ed Harrelson

2018 Oct Brattonsville Tactical by Chris Bopp


2017 Feb Brattonsville Muster by Ed Harrelson


2012 Rock Ford Plantation by Dan Murphy


2011 Mount Harmon by Dan Murphy

2011 Guilford - New Garden Road by Dan Murphy

2011 Cowpens Event by Ron Crawley


2010 Brandywine Reenactment by Joel Anderson

2010 War Horses Event at Middleton Place by Joel Anderson


2009 River's Bridge by Ed Harrelson

2009 Brattonsville (tactical) by Dan Murphy


Huck's Defeat - Brattonsville 2008 by Joel Anderson

2008 Battle of The Hook by Ed Harrelson (in PDF format)


Ninety Six Living History 2007 by Don Lyons

Brattonsville 2007 by D. Murphy


Cowpens 2006 by D. Murphy

Guilford Courthouse 2006 by D. Murphy

Walnut Grove, Festifall by Ron Crawley

Cowpens Veterans Day Living History 2006 by Edward Harrelson



Blackstock's Plantation 2005 by Ron Crawley



Cowpens 2004 by Ron Crawley

Guilford Courthouse 2004 by D. Murphy


Other Documents

Committee of Safety Guidelines - A document describing the creation of the Committee of Safety, the new guidelines for members, and the election of a Rev War commander.


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