Cavalry After Action Report
Festifall, Walnut Grove 2006
by Ron Crawley

Fellow 3dCLDs,

Thanks to the three troopers who came out for a most pleasant Saturday in perhaps one of the best preserved historical properties in Upstate South Carolina.  Dan, Don, Ed, and myself, along with, of course, McCall, Tally, Katie, and Calhoun, made a respectable appearance as the 3d CLD on the piquet line and at the ring posts. 

We had decided early on to make this a one day event but after my wife and I attended Festifeast on Friday night, I really think we need to reconsider next year.  The food was wonderful, the company was great (reenactors as well as Historical Association benefactors), and the bar was open and free!  This is a major fundraising event for the SCHA and our participation is encouraged and warmly welcomed. 

Arriving at camp the next morning, having just overtaken Mr. Murphy on the road (I called him via cell and told him I was "the f*in' POC and by God I am the one who leads", we found Don Lyons had arrived before us and grabbed a handy parking space right in front of the welcome center.  By about 10:30 we were in the saddle and moved to the field where we set up a ring post course.  Our final trooper arrived about noon and, after some practice at the heads, we attempted to return to camp only to find our path block by the pending skirmish!  After a circuitous route back to camp, we settled down for a mid-day meal.  Then, it happened ... immediately following the battle the crowd swarmed in for the petting zoo.  Many kids anxiously pushed towards the piquet line to feed and pet the beasts (the horses, I mean), although the eye candy made our efforts somewhat worthwhile. 

Saddling up at 2:15 for our scheduled 2:30 demo in front of the house, it was a bit of a surprise to hear Jim Crocker, the consummate Spartanburg Reenactor, calling for the spectators to proceed to the field for a look at of Brian Brown's "Grenade Launcher" in action and a cavalry demo.  Being the easy going and flexible troopers we are, we proceeded to the field and watched, with some amusement, the launching of projectiles from a shoulder cannon. 

Our demonstration which followed was somewhat awkward.  I led the cavalry presentation and spent probably far too much time on the mundane details of saddlery, equipment, and uniforms.  The three troopers began running at the ring posts only to be chided by the question of one youngster who asked "How many times do they have to do it before they get two in a row?"  Don answered the smart aleck little brat with our first "clean sweep" of the day.  The rest of the demo went well and we must have had 40 or 50 onlookers.

We broke camp at about 4:00 pm and heading towards home.  My family and I returned to the scene the next day and enjoyed a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Thanks again to everyone, I'll be looking for you near the bar next year!


Ronald W Crawley
3rd Continental Dragoons

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