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RevListe RevList is an active community of living historians, re-enactors, research historians, historical writers, genealogists, and other persons interested in the period of time during which the American War of Independence was fought.
Rev War Dragoons The purpose of this group is to further the history of the troopers of the Revolutionary War.
Research Sites
SC Military History Homepage Ron's collection of websites including one devoted to the 3d CLD
SC Confederate Relic Room Link to the SC Confederate Relic Room and Museum
Southern Campaigns Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution (SCAR) newsletter
An online library of the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War - An awesome resource

Regulations for Prussian Cavalry

Regulations for the Prussian Cavalry, translated from the German original by Sir William Fawcett and published in 1757.  (On Google Books)
Other Unit Sites
Palmetto Battalion (SC) The organization of South Carolina War Between the States reenactors, of which the Iron Scouts are members
Carolina Brigade The 3d LD are members of the formed Carolina Brigade.
2nd Regiment South Carolina The 2nd Regiment South Carolina Continental Establishment.  Several member of the Iron Scouts, those who portray McCall's State Troops / 3rd Continental Light Dragoons, are also members of this prestigious unit.
17th Light Dragoons The 17th Light Dragoons is a non-profit educational group devoted to the accurate portrayal of the British Horse Soldier throughout the American War of Independence.
1st Continental
Light Dragoons
Members of Lee's Troop reenact the Revolutionary war as mounted and dismounted cavalry. By taking part in battle recreations, movies, lectures, documentaries, and discussions, the members share their knowledge of the mounted aspect of the war and learn from one another.
2nd Continental
Light Dragoons, Sheldon's Horse
Sheldon's Horse is a reestablished military ceremonial unit and educational organization. This unit participates in many ceremonial, educational, civic and historical activities, mainly in the Northeast United States. Sheldon's Horse supports and participates in historical reenactments of American Revolutionary War  throughout the region.
2nd Continental
Light Dragoons

A re-enacted dragoon regiment (mounted and dismounted) of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army during the American War for Independence, primarily based in the Northeastern United States and are commanded by Lt. Robert S. Allegretto of North Andover, MA.
Other While we do not endorse any vendors, the links to the vendor web sites below are presented as a means of exploring "what is out there."  None of them are known to be anything but very scrupulous and trustworthy vendors.
Anderson Tailoring "Our Own" Joel Anderson says "...On this site you can find Uniforms, civilian clothing, and accessories that I have previously made. I can take orders for the garments you will see on this site."
Middlesex Village Trading Company Middlesex Village Trading Company, "purveyors of high quality reenactment supplies at prices even your wallet will like"
Women of SC in the Revolution Women of South Carolina in the American Revolution

Stuart Lilie Saddlery

Stuart Lilie Saddler and Horse Milliner, Historic Saddlery for the Dedicated Living Historian
Historical Image Bank The Military & Historical Image Bank is a unique stock photography company that provides images for your needs with prompt, courteous and expert assistance.
Glenn Pier Depot Glenn Pier Depot is the tack shop of Karl Pepper.
Board States Leatherworks Doug Kidd's tack shop in Missouri
Tart, Brantley & Benjamin Our good friend Ben Tart (Newton Grove, NC), purveyor of fine garments, fabrics, and flags
Loyalist Arms Supplier of  weapons, armor, clothing and accessories of all types from the Roman Period to the late 19th Century.  Located in Canada.
National Park Service - Reference for Living Historians  US National Park Service -Living History & Historic Weapons Program Policies & Manuals

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