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Event Schedule for 2017
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14-15-Jan – Cowpens, Chesnee, SC

We had three troopers present and several guests from Colonial Williamsburg, good event

25-Feb – Muster at Brattonsville, McConnells, SC 

We have been given permission by Stacy Brogden to come out and spend either a day or a weekend at Brattonsville.  This will give Stacy an opportunity to ride with us as well as give us an opportunity to meet in a relatively centralized location for a muster. (We would very much like to have our new recruits join us at the Feb, March and April events so as to present a large contingent at the May national event to be held at Brattonsville, SC).

18-19 Mar – Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC
Always a major event for us, at an historic location, adjacent to the dog park :-)

Apr – Muster at Cowpens (tentative

Ginny Fowler is asking for a Saturday demo which we can combine with a training day, NOT the first two weeks as Ed has conflicts, would need to be 4/22 or 4/29. OR, we can just do Musgrove’s Mill … 


29-30 Apr – Musgrove Mill, Clinton, SC


6-7 May – Revolutionary War Weekend, Mount Vernon, VA

A bit of a pull but worth the effort. It also paid well last year which went into our treasury.


20-21 May – Brattonsville (CL), McConnells, SC

Major event for the South this year

Jul – Muster date and location TBD 

Could be Cowpens.  If you like, we could do a Saturday Ride and perhaps bivouac at Ed’s house.

Sep 1-3 – Battle of Charlottestown /Bees at Latta Plantation, Huntersville, NC 

A somewhat low key event with a nice tavern!  Small area to ride, but close by (Charlotte) and the event organizers were REALLY happy to have us there last year.  They have a pot luck dinner planned on Saturday with amenities.



Oct – Cowpens School Day, Chesnee, SC

Only need a couple of horse but the more the merrier, a good fundraiser for us since they pay.

4-5 Nov – Revolutionary War Field Days, Historic Camden, SC

Not typically a dragoon event but a great late year opportunity to train together, also fairly convenient for the Fayetteville branch and the WNC/Upstate branch of the unit.



2-3 Dec – Lake City

2d SC is hosting again this year


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