Light Dragoon Button
Created by Jonathan Townsend of Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

When we began to recreate the uniform of the original 3rd Continental Light Dragoons we turned to Jonathan Townsend for a custom made button.  This button, cast in pewter , was based on two drawings of an original button excavated at Tappan Farm, the location of Baylor's Massacre.  Some of these are on display at the Wortendyke Barn owned by Bergen County, NJ located in Park Ridge, NJ. 

Here are is an image of one of the recovered specimens.  We are thankful to Ms. Janet Strom, Historian, Bergen County Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs, for this photograph and to Bill Maurer for his generous help in contacting Ms. Strom.


 Jay Eben and Don Troiani have both published sketches of this artifact which are reproduced below. 

In the Dragoon Sketchbook, Eben says:

The only authenticated U.S. Dragoon marked button. Used by Baylor's 3rd Regiment. Dug up at massacre site at Old Tappan by Wayne Daniels. Used on regimental coat and waistcoat. 9/16" dia. beveled border. Script "LD" (Light Dragoons) coat button probably 7/8" or 1".

From Dragoon Sketchbook
Image from "Dragoon Sketchbook"

Troiani's reference work Military Buttons of the American Revolution shows a similar button:

Cast pewter button, small size, with raised intertwined script letters "LD." Drawing based on specimens excavated in graves of this regiment at Old Tappan from September 1778 massacre. Approx. 17 mm.

From Military Buttons of Amer. Rev.
Image from "Military Buttons ..."

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