Cavalry After Action Report
Ninety Six Living History 2007
April 14, 2007
by Don Lyons

On Saturday 4-14-07 the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons attended the above encampment. Attending were Ed Harrelson, Henry McMillan, Ron Crawley and Don Lyons. We also had three distaff members who assisted in camp duties: Hunter Crawley, Rebekah and Katherine McMillan. We were told by Ron that Taylor was busy and unable to attend. Taylor will have to attend a make up drill.

Due to the fact that the 3CLD was not present at the siege of Ninety Six, we portrayed McCall’s Militia, and were outfitted as State Militia. We joined up with the Second South and were prepared to assist Sgt Scottie Bester as crew members on BOOTS. We learned quickly that several Troopers had volunteered to work the gun and our help while appreciated was not needed.

After speaking to Eric Williams the Chief Park Ranger we were assigned to a suitable area just beyond the camp to set up our post and rings. After the demonstration of the cannon and musket firing, we began our presentation of Cavalry Tactics and equipment.

Ron Crawly was assigned to inform the audience what we were about to do, and a fine job he did.

After demonstrating our skills at the ring and cabbages Ron again spoke to the audience and provided additional information on arms and equipment that 18th. Century militia would have had available to them. The audience asked questions and seemed appreciative of our efforts.

Lunch was prepared by Chris Puckett with her usual usual but always good bill of fare. After lunch the troop was formed up and patrolled the perimeter of the camp site looking for hostile forces and none were found. After the patrol we celebrated another successful encampment with no accidents or injuries and broke camp.

Respectfully Submitted,
Don Lyons

POC, Parsons' Troop 3d Dragoons

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