Cavalry After Action Report
Cowpens 2006
by Dan Murphy

On Saturday we had six 3d Dragoons in the saddle along with Alan Bowen of the OMVT portraying a mounted militiaman and Burt Puckett portraying Daniel Morgan for eight mounted on the American side. Gene Hough, a member of the Phil. Light Horse, kindly galvanized on both days and rode British, giving the British Horse a total of three including Tarleton on Saturday. We did indeed miss the 17th Light Dragoons from up north but I'm sure we'll all appear on the same field in the future - hopefully sooner rather than later. The Saturday battle kicked off under a murderous wind with the 3d Dragoon element discovering the British force and relaying the information to General Morgan, who was played to the hilt by Burt Puckett. Upon informing the General, the 3d Dragoons posted as a reserve behind the Continental line. We made two charges, the first in support of the retreating American militia and a second against the British flank as they retreated under the pressure of the Continental bayonet charge. After our second charge we encountered the British element led by Mark Schnider, who I thought made a fantastic Tarleton, near the guns and then drove them off with our greater numbers as the remaining British surrendered. I do want to say hats off to all the British. I know this wasn't an easy one to make and an even harder one to portray as a losing force but from my vantage point everything I saw seemed to work very well.

On Sunday we had two more British dragoons arrive and we started the day by riding to the original battle field and performing a special mounted memorial to the veterans of the battle. We then entertained the crowd with a thirty minute cav demo and returned to our camp. On the Sunday battle we again kicked of the action and fell into reserve. This time the amplified British horse charged the American right and we had a good little saber tussle before finally driving the Green Dragoons back. We again charged in with Continentals, and again met Tarleton back near the guns. The tactical after the battle was especially fun and I want to compliment everyone on the ground for their care, consideration and help in designing the horse movements across the field. The only safe way we can provide a mounted element at these events is with your help. I believe the organizers of this event, Herb, Annie, Athena and so many others did a wonderful job and the only complaint I heard was that it was too short. I guess sometimes accuracy comes at our expense. Finally, thanks to the 3d Dragoons who allowed me to lead them on the field.

They did everything I asked of them and it was an honor then as always to ride with them.

Daniel Murphy

Parsons' Troop 3d Dragoons

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