James McCall, Sr. and sons in the American Revolution
compiled by Ron Crawley from online sources

James McCall and all of his sons were all soldiers in the Revolution. James was probably born in 1721 in County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland. He arrived in Philadelphia, PA in 1733 accompanied by his brothers: William and Thomas and sister Elizabeth; cousins: Francis and Thomas; along with James Harris and his family and James Calhoun and his family. The three families settles in Conachcocheque Creek, PA and later moved to New River or Little Kenhoway in the western part of Virginia where there remained for a number of years. James was living in Wythe Co., VA in 1756 when the French Indian War broke out. Believing the wilds of the mountainous Virginia to be unsafe for their family, James and his wife Janet Harris McCall (daughter of James Harris above)  moved to Mecklenburg, NC in 1756.

James's and Janet's children included:
  • James McCall, Jr. (1741 - 1781) became an officer of SC State Troops, serving as Captain, Major, and Lt. Colonel.  He and his men were in the engagements at Ninety-Six (1775), Cherokee Nation, the Third Florida Expedition, Kettle Creek (GA), Fort Thicketty, Old Iron Works, Musgrove's Mill, Fishdam Ford, Blackstock's, Augusta (GA), Rutledge Ford, Long Cane, Hammonds Store, Cowpens, Harts Mill (NC), and Beattie's Mill.  His son Hugh McCall became his de facto biographer in his "History of Georgia".
  • Thomas Harris McCall (1744 - 1796) received a certificate as a "refugee soldier of Georgia" signed April 4, 1784 by Colonel Elijah Clarke. In the same year he received a land grant of 287 on Long Brach Town Creek as a bounty for Revolutionary service according to "Georgia's Roster of the American Revolution." He changed his name to McCaule while in college and later became a teacher and Presbyterian minister.
  • Rachel McCall (1745 - before 1820) eloped with her second cousin, Thomas McCall, in 1762 at the age of 16.  Thirteen children were born to them. Thomas was a revolutionary soldier from SC and received an indent for 318 days duty in the militia and was compensated for a horse and saddle lost in service.  He later received a 287 acre land grant in Washington County GA for his service.
  • Agnes McCall (1748 - 1826) was born in Pennsylvania and married Elias Alexander (about 1768), a soldier from Maryland who served under Gen. Nathaniel Greene.
  • William McCall (1752 - 1827) was born at Little River, VA and married about 1778 to Elizabeth Stewart. He served in the First Battalion Infantry under Col. Otho H. Williams and was with the 1st MD Regiment at Hillsborough. He married in 1778 in Mecklenburg, NC to Elizabeth Stewart. William died in 1827 in Mecklenburg, NC and is listed with the DAR.
  • Jane McCall (1757 - ??) married about 1777 to Robert Harris, a Revolutionary soldier and son of John Harris.  He was also a signer of the Mecklenburg County "Declaration of Independence." 

James McCall (Sr.) was a member of the North Carolina militia in 1766 and served in Captain Adam Alexander's company from the Mecklenburg area.  He later served as a soldier in the American Revolution [other details of service unknown].  He died in Mecklenburg, NC in 1794 and is listed with the DAR.


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