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Image: Sacred Cobra "Hood" for ceremonial use - not for public viewing.  If you are not a Cobra, close your browser, delete all cached files, and reformat your hard drive IMMEDIATELY.

Unofficial Scout History

Early versions of the Scouts included troopers such as Brent, Eric, Mike, Russ, David, and others and went under the unofficial names of the "Veterans" (sometimes pronounced "Better-uns").  The term was applied to experienced reeanctors with semi-sane horses, carbines, and a willingness to take hits on the battlefield.  A subset of this group was the "Cobra Brothers." The Cobras became a pseudo fraternal organization which really cannot be discussed in public lest we risk being placed on Double Secret Probation ... use your imagination! 

Farb Images

Favorite Farb Quotes

  • "Holy Shit" - Neill at the Pelion muster as Bruce fell face first in the fire
  • "Boy, I got more corn in my shit than you will plant in a year." - Ed at Florence Reenactment to one of "Spit's" many boastful claims
  • "Uh oh."  Henry at Lexington Reenactment awaking from a dead sleep as the fire began to spread
  • "Whoa Runner!" - Tolbert just about everywhere to slow his pony down
  • "You are NOT my daddy." - Tolbert at Kelly's Ford, VA to Brent who was trying to curtail his drinking 40oz Budweisers while driving
  • "How come Brent spends a week in the field and his hair is perfect and I keep wakin' up with Gumby hair?" - Ron, in frustration with his persistent "bad hair days."
  • "This ain't no piece of shit hat." - Ed to "Kidd" Wendell who suggested adding a stampede cord to his genuine (albeit inaccurate) Stetson 
  • "Stand up Pork Chop so I can knock you down." - Inebriated Ed at Bentonville Reenactment
  • "Left ... uh, right wheel ..." - Ron, as Commander of the Legion Cavalry
  • "Who are we Ninth Pennsylvania?" - unnamed First Sergeant ... the response was muted mumblings of confusion 
  • "Watch out.  There's moon crickets in them woods." - Dan at River's Bridge 2003
  • "We can fight, f* or footrace and win all three" -- Submitted by Ed for Colt Ford w/ Sunny Ledfurd -- "Nickel Sized Hail"
  • "One more step and I'll blow your G*ddam*ed head off!" - Dan, Aversboro 2001 [Yelled while pointing his carbine at the unit commander. This came at the end of a long stint on guard duty. The commander left shortly afterwards, claiming he just wasn't "into it" anymore. This was Dan's first event with the Cobra brothers. Dan has not served guard duty since.]
  • "Never confuse real sleeping with re-enactor sleeping.” - Dan at GCH, 2005
  • "We just captured a f*cking boat, man!” - Ed at Mt. Harmon, 2011
  • "’Can you hold this flank, Captain?” “Hell, no!” - Cap’n Dan’s reply to brigade commander at Rockford Plantation 2012
  • “Damn you’re dumb, Bulldog.” - Bob Hoskins at unknown event, 2013
  • “You want to charge a square? Seriously?” - Dan to squadron commander at The Hook, 2013

Favorite Movies

Blazing Saddles ........The Outlaw Josey Wales .........Full Metal Jacket

O Brother, Where Are Thou? ........I'm Gonna Git You Sucka ........Dr. Strangelove

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