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Enacting Sites

Authentic Campaigner A web site for the Authentic Civil War living historian
The Civil War Reenactors The Civil War Reenactors Home Page, the home to the first forums on the internet dedicated to the Civil War Reenactor.
Rev War Progressive
A web site for the American Revolutionary War progressive living historian

Research Sites

SC History Net Ron's collection of websites including one devoted to the 2nd SC Cavalry
The Watchdog A Quarterly review for Civil War Reenactors, subscribe today!
Capt. Frank Alexander Montgomery The biography of Capt. Frank Alexander Montgomery of the 1st 
Mississippi Cavalry 
SC Confederate Relic Room Link to the SC Confederate Relic Room and Museum
Civil War Maps by State US Corps of Topographical Engineers Civil War maps and charts by state

Other Unit Sites
Palmetto Battalion (SC) The organization of South Carolina reenactors, of which the Iron Scouts are members
2nd Regiment South Carolina

The 2nd Regiment South Carolina Continental Establishment.  Several member of the Iron Scouts, those who portray McCall's State Troops or 3rd Continental Light Dragoons, are also members of this prestigious unit.

Critter Company The Critter Company is a living history organization based in Paulding County, Georgia.  "We strive to portray the horsemen during the era of great struggle in America known as the Civil War as accurately as possible. It is through continuing research and documentation that our impressions and knowledge continually evolve."

Georgia Volunteer

Cavalry Battalion

Some good old friends of ours from Georgia
1st Maine Cavalry
The First Maine Cavalry has rolled out an excellent website with Poinsett's drill illustrated therein.  They take you though the manual of arms and other items per the book but with photographs.
17th Light Dragoons The 17th Light Dragoons is a non-profit educational group devoted to the accurate portrayal of the British Horse Soldier throughout the American War of Independence.

Other While we do not endorse any vendors, the links to the vendor web sites below are presented as a means of exploring "what is out there."  None of them are known to be anything but very scrupulous and trustworthy vendors.
Glenn Pier Depot
Glenn Pier Depot is the tack shop of Karl Pepper.
Board States Leatherworks Doug Kidd's tack shop in Missouri

Stuart Lilie Saddlery

Stuart Lilie Saddler and Horse Milliner, Historic Saddlery for the Dedicated Living Historian
Tart, Brantley & Benjamin Our good friend Ben Tart (Newton Grove, NC), purveyor of fine garments, fabrics, and flags
Loyalist Arms Supplier of  weapons, armor, clothing and accessories of all types from the Roman Period to the late 19th Century.  Located in Canada.

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