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The H. L. Hunley Award

Annually, SCV Camp #68 recognizes outstanding Junior ROTC Cadets with the presentation of the SCV's H.L. Hunley Award.  The award, named after the famous Confederate submarine, CSS H.L. Hunley, the first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship, represents honor, courage and commitment.

Because of the naval theme of the award, the program was initially developed for Navy and Marine Corps JROTC Units in the state of South Carolina only.  After many inquiries from the Army and Air Force the Program was expanded to not just Army and Air Force Units in South Carolina, but throughout the country.  The award should go to a rising second year cadet who has demonstrated the qualities of Honor, Courage and in particular Commitment to his/her unit throughout the school year.

Recipients are selected by the Military Instructors for their JROTC Unit.  Instructors wishing to apply for the award for a member of their unit should contact the Camp #68 Chaplain for detailed information on the criteria and the presentation of the H.L. Hunley medal and award certificate. 

2013 Recipients of the H.L. Hunley Award:

Cadet Richard "Ricky" Hicks

Broome High School AFJROTC, Spartanburg, SC

15 April 2013


Cadet MSgt Dylan Cody

Chapman High School AFJROTC, Inman, SC

10 May 2013


Cadet Richard "Ricky" Hicks

Boiling Springs High School USMCJROTC, Boiling Springs, SC

Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class Cadet Lance Bray

26 April 2013


2012 Recipients of the H.L. Hunley Award:


Byrnes High School

Cadet Sr. Airman Jackson Darash

Presenter Compatriot Danny Smith


Broome High School

Cadet Ariel Lowery (fourth from the right, front row)

Presenter Compatriot Danny Smith


Chapman High School

Cadet TSgt James Mangum

Presenter Compatriot Ray Crawley


Photo Not Available


Boiling Springs High School

Cadet Samantha Rochester

Presenter Compatriot Danny Smith



2011 Recipients of the H.L. Hunley Award:

Cadet Chad Turner

Chapman High School AFJROTC, Inman, SC

16 May 2011


Cadet Samantha Rochester

Boiling Springs High School NJROTC, Boiling Springs, SC

11 May 2011


Cadet Paige Herbst

Landrum High School AJROTC, Landrum, SC

13 May 2011


Photo Not Available

Cadet Evalynn Barbare

Byrnes High School AJROTC, Duncan, SC

5 May 2011


Cadet Austin Hill

Broome High School AFJROTC, Spartanburg, SC

18 March 2011


Previous recipients:

Cadet Ryan Burkhardt

Chapman High School JFROTC, Inman, SC

02 June 2010


Chad Cooper

Chapman High School JFROTC, Inman, SC

15 May 2009

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