2018 Calendar

RED Denotes Max Effort Events

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31-Jan to 4-Feb – Battle of the Bulge, Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA

Will be a great event, our best turnout in years, and our own Co K Dayroom and Old Hickory Saloon, plus 16mm movie theater and the usual amenities.

POC: Ron Crawley



16-18 Feb – WWII Event at Latta Plantation (Huntersville), NC

First time in Feb for WWII at the site, but always a good venue. Let Ron know if you are coming, as they are asking for pre-registration this time.

POC: Ron Crawley



17-18 Mar - Military Through the Ages, Bentonville Battlefield (Four Oaks), NC

OHA did this decades ago and should again be involved. At Bentonville Battlefield, hosted by DNCR.



14-15 Apr – Battle of Charleston, Charleston, SC

POC: Open



20-22 Apr – Great War Spring Tactical, Newville, PA 

POC: Jay Callaham



21-22 Apr – 15th Annual WWII Heritage Days, Peachtree City, GA (info)



TBD May Latta Plantation, Huntersville, NC

Always a crowd pleaser, a good event, creative scenarios, and  not overly strenuous.

POC: Open



25-27 May – Military Timeline, Kings Mountain NBP, SC

One of the largest spectator events you will attend in the Carolinas, we are talking about doing Viet Nam this year since the 504 PIR may have WWII covered again.

POC: Ron Crawley



28 May – North Carolina Memorial Day Parade, Thomasville, NC

Our best attended parade and a welcoming community!

POC: Robbie Lamb



May (tentative) OHA, Inc. Annual Meeting, Thomasville, NC

Location TBD



21-24 Jun – 30th ID Association Veterans Reunion, Raleigh, NC

POC: Ray Oakes



30-Jun - 1-Jul – Military Through the Ages, Salisburg, NC

Event organizers at the NC Transportation Museum are asking for our participation. Registration is required.

POC: Need




4 Jul – Faith Fourth Parade, Faith, NC

The largest 4th of July parade in NC, followed by "pot luck" cookout at Don's place.

POC: Don Shupe



17-18 Aug – D-Day Ohio, Conneaut, OH

We should consider attending again.  Two went in 2015, three in 2016, and one in 2017. All enjoyed the unique experience of coming ashore on LSTs and a great event staff.

POC: Stephen Martin



TBD Oct – Blood Upon The Risers: Operation Boston, Enfield, NC

New date, invite only, Airborne scenario

POC: Open



2-4 Nov – Great War Fall Tactical, Newville, PA

POC: Jay Callaham



Nov – “History of the American Soldier", Guilford Courthouse NMP

POC: Jay Callahan



TBD Nov – Warbirds Over Monroe, Monroe, NC



Likely over Veterans Day Weekend


Dec (TBD) – Christmas in the Trenches / Battle of Bulge, Lugoff, SC

POC: Aaron Clark



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