2023 Calendar

RED Denotes Max Effort Events

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20-21 Jan - 3rd Annual Wacht Am Rhein/Battle of the Bulge, Enfield, NC

A site familiar to many of us by now.  This is a much cooler time of year!  Will have the M-1934 tent up and expect a good number to attend.  

POC: Ron Crawley/Stephen Martin

18-19 Feb - The American Hertiage Festival, Lake City, SC

TheAmericanHeritageFestival.com - A fun and growing event just off I-95, with considerable amenities.   A few of our number will be attending again as 3rd Light Dragoons (Rev War, mounted cavalry), so at least you ground pounding World War types can come and laugh at our antics.  I believe the 1st comes to this event as well as the typical AB types, but this could be a good time for us to display the 30th colors!!! Last year we did a combined WWI/WWII camp with an awesome Signal Corps display, Jay and his "hog", an spaghetti dinner!
POC: Ron Crawley

1-Apr - Military Through the Ages - Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC

Saturday, one day only event as a test run, Brunswicktown through modern day. Vehicles will be displayed in the parking lot. Other displays will be on the back lawn.

POC: Andy Cole


14-16 Apr Great War Spring Tactical, Newville, PA

POC: Jay Callaham


20-May Minuteman Muster, Raleigh, NC

Will update later with info ...

POC: Jay Callaham (?)

27- May Walnut Grove Military Timeline, Roebuck, SC

A new Military Timeline, this time at Historic Walnut Grove Plantation near Spartanburg.  OHA has been asked to provide WWII and Viet Nam displays and reenactors.

POC: Ron Crawley


29-May North Carolina Memorial Day Parade, Thomasville, NC

Our best attended parade and a welcoming community! 




TBD Jul 30th ID Association Veterans Reunion, Raleigh, NC

POC: Walt Sowinski

4 Jul Faith Fourth Parade, Faith, NC

The largest 4th of July parade in NC.




17-20 Aug D-Day Ohio, Conneaut, OH

We should consider attending in force this year. All who have attended in the past enjoyed the unique experience of coming ashore on LSTs and a great event staff.  Unlike FIG, prepare for warm weather! 

POC: Stephen Martin



8-9 Sep Road to Rome, Enfield, NC

Eight of us had a great time in January at this site.  Worth a second visit! 


6-8 Oct - Curahee Military Weekend, Toccoa, GA
A great, small event.  Welcoming community.  Ed and I did it two years ago and were well received.  We plan to be there again, at least for Saturday and maybe the weekend. 
POC: Ron Crawley

3-5 Nov Great War Fall Tactical, Newville, PA

POC: Jay Callaham



11-12 Nov Warbirds Over Monroe, Monroe, NC 




TBD Dec Christmas in the Trenches / Battle of Bulge, Lugoff, SC

POC: Ron Crawley

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