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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

Mike W. Buczkowski
submitted by son
Bruce Buczkowski 2013
Mike W. Buczkowski reported to FORT BENJAMIN HARRISON northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana after enlistment on 22 August, 1940.
His next stop for basic training was FORT BRAGG, North Carolina and was afterwards assigned to Co. D, 39th INFANTRY REGIMENT. 
Mike was on temporary assignment to Camp Croft during the Carolina Maneuvers in 1941. He went on to serve in the 8th Division, 77th Division,
and was part of the cadre that helped form the 94th Division. 
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                                                Sgt Mike Buczkowsi                                                        Camp Croft Soldier's Identification Card                                                         


Early 1941 View of Main Gate, Parade Ground, and Headquarters Hill



Fifteen Training Battalions on the Parade Field!