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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

A very brief look at the town of Spartanburg while the Camp was in existence.

Spartanburg Main Street Looking East

Spartanburg was a town very accustomed to a military presence. There were more battles and skirmishes in the county during the American Revolution than in any other county in South Carolina. The city and county allegedly took its name from the Spartan Regiment raised in the area during the Revolution. During the War Between the States, South Carolina furnished more men, in proportion to its male population, than any other Southern state and Spartanburg District supplied more than any other county in the state. Immediately after the war, Union troops from the 7th US Cavalry, under Captain Reno, occupied the town and at some point burned the courthouse. During the first World War the town hosted Camp Wadsworth, a National Guard training camp (and one of the largest in the country) where the 27th division, 28th division, 369th regiment, and others trained before going overseas.

The 1940 census showed Spartanburg county's population to be 127,733. Camp Croft's personnel, expected at times to be as many as 25,000 people, came close to equaling the city's number of 32,249 persons! The area was scarcely able to meet the entertainment needs of the soldiers although it did boast 70 churches, 2 golf courses, 2 parks, 2 radio stations (WSPA was the first station in the state), 3 theaters, and 6 USO clubs. Many of the cadre and logistical
personnel lived in town and remember it as a friendly community.

Upstate SC Military Installations:


  • Donaldson Air Force Base (WWII)
  • Camp Sevier (WWI)
  • Camp Wetherill (SpanAm)

  • Camp Wadsworth (WWI)
  • Camp Croft (WWII)
  • Spartanburg Memorial Airport (WWII)