Headquarters Company
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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

A training Headquarters Company was divided into two platoons whose members could be assigned to a regimental headquarters company after graduation. The Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon was made up of a squad leader, assistant squad leader, radio operator, three scouts, and three truck (Jeep) drivers. The men learned the use of the rifle, grenades, and the 50 cal machine gun as an anti-air craft weapon. Other training included care and operation of the motor vehicles, radio operation, signaling, and scouting. The Communications Platoon consisted of a headquarters group, message center, wire section, and a radio & visual section. All platoon members learned Morse Code, cryptography, and the operations of radios, telephones, switchboards and visual signaling.  Further training included the use of messenger pigeons, laying and repairing wires, maintenance of radios and telephones, and message writing.