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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

"First GIs Discharged at Croft"
an article from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal

First GIs Discharged at Croft
By Ernestine Bodie
Spartanburg Herald-Journal, September 19, 1945

   First Sergeant Joseph P. Hudock, 105 Lexington Avenue, Warren, Pa., was the first man to receive his certificate in the first discharge ceremony at the newly established Camp Croft Separation Center. Seven other servicemen were given their release in a brief and impressive ceremony conducted by Lt. Col. Wayne G. Downing, commanding officer of the center, yesterday at 5:30.

   Arriving at Camp Croft at 8 a. m. Monday, the 8 soldiers underwent routine procedure before they were discharged 33 hours later. After being received and registered at the camp, a period of "processing" followed. This included a "show down" inspection of all clothing and equipment.  Next came a thorough physical examination. Following this the group went to the administrative section for counseling. Here their papers were put in final order. 

   Then came the last "show down" inspection with each man wearing all his insignia and badges, including the discharge emblem sewed on his uniform during his Camp Croft stay. After being fingerprinted for their discharge certificates, the group went to Finance Headquarters for their pay.  The next step in leaving the Army was the presentation of discharge certificates by the commanding officer.

   Of the 8 men discharged yesterday, 3 were overseas veterans: First Sgt. Hudock, who served in Europe for a year; T/Sgt. Bert A. Jones of Patoka, Ind., who served in the North Solomon Islands for 3 years; and Sgt. Carl E. Menius, Lexington, N. C., a veteran of the Normandy campaign. Other men receiving discharges were Pvt. Robert J. Gaul, Providence, R. I.; Pvt. Donald P. Lumbra, Montgomery Center, Vt.; Pvt. Joseph F. Blozis, North Bergen, N. J.; Pvt. Charles J. Bricton, West Point, Va.,; and Pvt. David N. Chavis, Brazil, Ind.

   FIRST SGT HUDOCK, the first man discharged, enlisted in July, 1939, and served with the 90th Infantry Division in the European Theater of Operations for a year. He was taken as a German prisoner of war in Normandy in July.