Col. Edward Croft
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Camp Croft, South Carolina
US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center

Colonel Edward Croft, CSA
Colonel Edward Croft, CSA
1836 - 1892

  From the Citadel Alumni Association web site:
  • LTC Edward Croft, CSA, Class of 1856 - The first, or one of the first Confederate officers to enter Gettysburg, Pa. Severely wounded, taken POW, and paroled in 1863. At the risk of execution if captured again, he re-joined his unit, participating in seven major battles as a field officer, and commanded the 14th S.C. in six other engagements (the 14th S.C. participated in more battles than any regiment from any state during the war). He was wounded three more times and was present with Lee at Appomattox.

Interestingly enough, his two brothers also attended the Citadel and also fought in the War Between the States:

  • CPT Randall Croft, CSA, Class of 1861 - He pulled the lanyard on the cannon assigned to #2 battery on Morris Island credited with being the first shot to actually hit the federal ship, Star Of The West, January 9,1861. In all, 17 rounds were fired and 3 hit the ship. Croft then served with the 16th S.C. Infantry.
  • George William Croft, Class of 1867 - Entered The Citadel 1863. All cadets were mustered into Confederate Military service in 1864. Rose to the rank of Colonel. Elected to S.C. State Senate after the war and then elected U.S. Congressman from S.C. Took office March 3, 1903, died in office March 10, 1904.