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Born November 4, 1837 in Spartanburg, SC

Died December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, Va.


L. Perrin Foster, son of Lt. Colonel B. B. Foster, was born at the old “brick house” (now Foster’s Tavern on SC-56) that was built by his grandfather on the south-east of Spartanburg).  He attended South Carolina College and graduated in 1857.  Afterwards he taught at New Prospect Academy and studied law.


Foster was prepared to be admitted to the bar when the war broke out and he immediately changed interests.  He was elected a lieutenant in Captain Benjamin Kennedy’s company of the 3rd SC Regiment which was sent to Virginia.  At the reorganization of the army, he volunteered “for the war” and upon the death of Captain Lanford, he was made captain of Company K, 3rd SC Regiment. During his time with the 3rd, the unit fought at Manassas, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Nine Mile Road, Savage Station, and Malvern Hill, In 1862 he was sent home due to problems with his arm, but during this furlough he learned that his brother, James Foster, had been killed so he proceeded back to Virginia despite his affliction.  Just three months later, he fell dead while leading a charge at Fredericksburg, December 13th, 1862. His remains were brought home and were interred in the Foster Family Burial Grounds.





Born in Spartanburg, SC

Died September 13, 1862 at Harper’s Ferry, Va.


James Anthony Foster was the younger son of Lt. Colonel B. B. Foster.  James volunteered as a private soldier in Captain James Carlisle’s company of the 13th SC Regiment. Later he was transferred to the 3rd SC Regiment where he served alongside his brother, Perrin Foster. In the terrific battle of Maryland’s Heights (Harper’s Ferry), September 13th, 1862, young Foster fell at the front of the firing line. His remains were first burial on the battlefield but were later moved to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va., and were later moved to the Foster Family Burial Grounds in Spartanburg.





Born February 22, 1817 in Spartanburg, SC

Died September 13, 1862 at Harper’s Ferry, Va


The elder Foster held every office within the State militia from captaincy to major-generalship.  In his youth he studied medicine but on the death of his father he took over the family farm. A strong advocate of States Rights, Foster represented the Spartanburg District at the Secession Convention and was a signer of the Ordinance. He raised and drilled an infantry company and was elected lieutenant-colonel of the 3rd SC Regiment. He was forced to leave the regiment while in Virginia in March 1862 due to poor health.  He later lost both of his sons in Confederate service. He is buried in the Fair Forest Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Jonesville, SC.


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