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Born December 11, 1831 in Greenville District, SC

Died June 8, 1864 in Richmond, Va.  

Born April 23, 1839 in Greenville District, SC

Died May 28, 1864 at Spotsylvania, Va.


Brothers Benjamin and Jesse Brockman were natives of Greenville District, the sons of State Senator Thomas Brockman. They were the great-grandsons of Benjamin Kilgore, a captain during the American Revolution.  Young Benjamin received a first class education and some time in the 1850s moved to Spartanburg, purchases considerable land, and became a merchant near Reidville.  Jesse may have accompanied him in this enterprise, but in any case was also living in Spartanburg prior to 1861.


At the beginning of the war, Benjamin was elected captain and Jesse the first-lieutenant of Company B, 13th SC Regiment. Serving first along the coast of South Carolina, the unit saw action at Gaines Mill, Frasyer’s Farm, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Shepherdstown, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville.  During this time, Benjamin was promoted to major and then lieutenant-colonel, and after Colonel Edward, commanding the 13th Regiment, was wounded at Chancellorsville, he assumed command of the regiment.  His brother Jesse, in turn, took over Company B.


The brothers led their respective units at Gettysburg, Falling Waters, Bristoe, Mine Run, and The Wilderness.  Leading the charge of the 13th at “Bloody Bend” at the battle of Spotsylvania, Benjamin was wounded and removed to a hospital in Richmond where his arm was amputated.  Attempting to recover, Benjamin learned that Jesse had also fallen at the same battle but his wound was too severe to allow him to be moved.   Jesse was left to the hands of the enemy but was not removed from the battlefield for three days with little attention.  Sent to a field hospital, he languished for seven days before finally succumbing to his wounds, leaving behind his wife and two young sons.  Benjamin died two weeks later.


Benjamin’s remains rest at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond and Jesse was buried at the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery


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