February 2009 Living History Events
Polk County Historical Society
Campobello Gramling School
Tryon Rotary

Polk County Historical Society Presentation - Columbus, NC

Presentation Organizer Don Lyons, outfitted as a Loyalist Dragoon describes tack and equipment



Dan Murphy as a 3d CLD trooper described the workings of a rifle


Ron Crawley, not as well armed, demonstrates a typical horseman's pistol. Here he portrays a militia cavalyman


The crowd exceed the capacity of our hall at the Isothermal Community College - Polk County Campus



We spent some time after the presentation answering follow-up questions


Campobello Gramling School Presentation - Campobello, SC

Ron Crawley (visiting daughter Taylor's 3rd grade class) along with "Ban"


Even 3rd graders have challenging questions ... and a lot of them


Ron and "Ban" try to answer them all!



Tryon Rotary Club Presentation - Tryon, NC



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